About Eileen Gelbard

As an international and corporate travel consultant, Eileen Gelbard coordinates logistically challenging travel arrangements and itineraries. She has trained extensively in booking processes and policy for a number of major hotel chains, including Marriott and Hyatt, which in turn have granted her the title of approved agent. Furthermore, Eileen Gelbard has personally experienced many of the most popular cruise lines in operation, and has traveled to numerous destinations across Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. She supports her travel knowledge and experience with training in accounting and bookkeeping, which she studied at Miami Dade College in Coral Gables, Florida.

In her free time, Eileen Gelbard enjoys contributing to her community. As an experienced youth soccer manager, she has also taken on the role of managing area coaches as well as the local traveling university team in Florida. An active individual herself, Ms. Gelbard skis regularly, plays tennis, and participates in CrossFit training. She finds relaxing with a Nicholas Sparks novel or taking in a Broadway musical to be stimulating and enjoyable pastimes.                             


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